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I‘m super excited you have stopped by at my “internet home.” I hope you find it as warm and inviting as if you knocked on my (non virtual) door and we sat on my oversized, ridiculously comfy couch, and got to know each other face-to-face. We’d drink something yummy, talk about life, Jesus, future, and spiritual things, while hopefully eating something that involved avocado. For now this meeting space feels right, as all of us wouldn’t fit into my house anyway. Even if we could, my intensely introverted self might panic just a bit. So in the meantime, here are some fun facts about me.

1. I‘m 31 years old and grew up in the coastal town of Port Stephens, Australia; currently living in Seattle, Washington, USA.

2. I have an older brother and younger sister, making me the middle child. (I know, I know, don’t judge me!)

3. My parents are Pastors and Church Planters going on 30+ years in ministry - they’re heroes!

4. I met Jesus as a toddler through a spiritual encounter; making my home with Him is my greatest adventure.

5. I LOVE PAINT!! Can you tell? (ha)

6. I married the guy of my dreams (Jonathon) at 21. He’s an aeronautical engineer, and life’s become one big Magic Carpet kind-of ride. (Cue ‘A Whole New World’.)  Family and friends call him “MacGyver” because, well, he is the real-life version.

7.  We don't have children yet, but our promise is on his way.

8. My love for Disney is strong and contagious. My husband will tell you at any given moment I may break into song while combing my hair with cutlery, like Ariel in her treasure trove, or suddenly become Pocahontas inspiring everyone to paint with the colours of the wind. Life is just better with a Disney soundtrack.

9. I’m a light sleeper and heavy dreamer.

10.  I love color, art, flowers, sunshine, cooking without a recipe and rainy days curled up by the fire.

11. If you hang around me long enough I'll prophesy over you, your mum, your unborn children, and anyone else I can. My favorite thing is hearing God speak destiny over people.

12. I have a newfound love of kombucha, but if you told 10-year-old me who watched her fashion-forward mum grow her own “mother mushroom” on the fridge crisper compartment ---she wouldn't believe you.

So now the 'ice breaking' is out of the way, I hope you get comfortable, read my Journal (AKA blog), download some fresh encouragement, check out my books and art prints, and most of all walk away with more hope than you came with... and then come back for some more.


GEM xx


Gemma's Art Journey

While Gemma comes from a creative family, her dad being an Australian award-winning artist, she didn't pick up a paintbrush until she relocated to Seattle, Washington from Australia with her husband in 2015. A self taught artist, she began to daily ‘create’ as part of her healing journey after a season of severe illness. With big dreams for her creative future, Gemma describes the process of making art as something she feels she was born to do, and since discovering her passion to paint she hasn't put the paintbrush down.

Gemma’s strong faith spills out onto her canvas. Her work can be described as fresh, relaxed, fashionable and captivating to the eye, mixed with uplifting and comforting messages of hope for the heart and soul. Regardless of if she is painting realism or abstract, with watercolour or acrylic, her personality and passions shine through her modern art, inspiring the viewer to adorn the walls of their home with a little piece of heaven on earth.


Gemma is an Author, Artist, ordained Pastor, and anointed Speaker and Minister. She is a fresh and dynamic prophetic voice to her generation, and there is a strong prophetic nature to everything she does.

In mid 2015 Gemma released her first book titled PROMISE, where she shares her and her husband's now eight and a half year journey with infertility - or what they affectionately call their ‘journey of promise’ after God lovingly provided her with a vision of their first born son. Gemma's heart is to inspire every generation to embrace the obedience and patience of waiting on God’s perfect timing in our “right now”  world.

Gemma grew up in the beautiful coastal town of Port Stephens, Australia, where her parents planted a church in the early 80’s. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington, where she and her husband Jonathon relocated after embracing an opportunity God provided for Jonathon’s work.


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