I want to thank you for subscribing; so for you, my smashing new website-subscribing-friend, I have a downloadable hand painted ink print for you. All you have to do is click the button below the image to download and you can take it to your nearest print-shop to be printed, or upload it to their website if they’re fancy like that…and voilà, you can have this pretty print dressing up any wall your heart desires.   

Love gem xoxo

note: after clicking "download your free print" you will be taken to a new window, where the print will be available. To download, right click the image and click, "save image as", then select a suitable location to save it on your device. If on a mobile device (phone/tablet), there should be an option to "save image" to your photo library. For best & easiest results this should be done on a desktop/laptop.