Joy and gladness will be found there. Songs of thanksgiving will fill the air.

 Isaiah 51:3


Last year on Mother's Day I wrote this post because I could not shake the leading to do so. I knew that if it helped even just one girl stand back up, press on, take courage and feel encouraged it would be worth it. 

For me, Mother's Day does not affect me as most would assume. Although my husband Jonny and I have walked the road of infertility for over eight and a half years, on Mother's Day I feel deep joy, excitement, and expectation. Now before you stop reading, I want to assure you I am human. I have real feelings, I have dreams I am waiting to see come to pass, and the truth is it has been a journey for me to get to this place. For those who have read my book PROMISE you will know there have been days I didn't feel this joy, expectancy and peace. I instead experienced a deep grief that I could not explain. A grief that daily felt like it took the breath out of my lungs, causing my heart to feel pain that I could be sure filled my entire being. I hurt deep. I didn't understand the emotions I was experiencing, and as a result was confused. One in six couples today struggle with infertility, and so more than one in six women carry this same deep burden and pain. More than one in six because, within that statistic single girls who have the same longing for motherhood are not included. One in six is a large percentage and so, in saying that I am well aware that there are millions of other girls today, on Mother's Day that are in a different season. A season where Mother's Day hurts. It hurts deep in a place you never knew could hurt. A place deep in your heart that I am convinced when God formed woman, He placed the seed of a mother.

A seed, that within He placed gifts and desires to nurture, love, and reproduce.

A seed that holds an intrinsic instinct and desire that is not learned, it just IS.

A seed that was with Eve in Eden at the genesis of time. A seed that would blossom in greater measure than the garden she physically found herself in.

A seed that would bloom into a calling to mother that would cover the earth!

It didn’t matter that Eve very well might have felt unqualified for the prestigious role of motherhood, having never had a mother of her own, or more challenging still, never even been a child. It didn’t matter, because she was created a mother, she was created with that seed, just as every woman is.

So today I want to acknowledge that seed.

I want to acknowledge The Seed of MOTHERHOOD.

I want to acknowledge it by acknowledging the women that carry that seed.

I want to acknowledge all the single girls who dream of not only the day they will meet the man of their dreams and husband they pray for, but also the babies they dream their arms will one day hold.

I want to shout out to the girls who have tried and tried and feel like perhaps they are malfunctioning in some way as a woman because they cannot carry a babe to full term. I want to assure you friend, you are perfect. You are loved.

To the woman struggling to conceive, and feeling as though perhaps God has forgotten you, or that there is something wrong with you. Today hear these words of heaven, that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and there is no fault in you. God has a plan.

To the ones who have conceived and lost. Whether miscarriage, still birth, or through tragic circumstances after birth. May God comfort you as only He can, and give you fresh hope for the future.

To the ladies on the emotional journey towards adoption. May your hearts remain strong and steadfast as you wait. God is with you!

To every woman with the dream of motherhood. Heaven acknowledges you, and today so does the earth.

You are seen. You are loved. You are valued. You are not alone.

You are a mother. Your heart holds that seed. A seed that is on its journey of germination towards a flourishing fulfilment.

The scriptures are full of women that carried our same struggles, our same burdens, and God failed not one.

Every. Single. Woman in scripture that cried out to God to fill their empty arms, He filled. He did not fail them, so I promise He will not fail you if you reach out to Him.

Over and over again the women that waited, were women that would go on to birth sons that would radically change the world. Sons that grew into great men of faith.

Sarah who’s womb was considered dead, conceived Isaac.

Hannah who prayed year after year birthed the prophet Samuel.

Rebecca although barren birthed Jacob, who would become Israel.

Rachel struggled for years with infertility, yet gave birth to Joseph.

Ruth who was widowed after 10 years of infertility, not only found new love, but birthed Obed the grandfather of King David.

Elizabeth who was well beyond the age of childbearing conceived and gave birth to John the Baptist who would lead the way to Jesus Christ The Savior of the world.

Each one of these women had a journey of waiting. Each one of these women questioned God. Each one of these women at times felt forgotten, yet God was working through all their waiting weaving a powerful testimony in every moment. He was planning to use their journey filled with impossibility to move supernaturally. He was planning to move in such a powerful way that scripture and history would record their lives, and their children’s lives as a testimony to inspire every generation to come.

These women's stories encourage us that the waiting rooms of life, (no matter how uncomfortable,) can be supernaturally transformed from places of frustration into fulfilment. From places of pain into promise, and seasons of struggle into strength.

So beautiful friend, be encouraged today that you are cherished, valued and loved in the wait. You are not alone, we are in this together. Today on this Mother's Day you may not have been gifted flowers by little ones, but God is preparing the ground of your life to hold a flourishing future. Today He has endless seeds of promise He wants to sow into your heart so that you can not just survive this season, but thrive in the midst of it.

And as I encourage every woman in her wait, I do it not to discredit or take away from all the mamma's out there on this Mother's day knee deep in crazy doing the hard yards on the frontline of motherhood. We love you, we value you, and we walk beside you as women carrying the same seed, cheering you on as you selflessly serve your families.

Let us all flourish together.

Gem xx