"It is finished, my Bride!"

John 19:30 TPT


At the genesis of time. At the dawn of creation. She was on His mind.  Without her creation would be incomplete. For she would be its crowning jewel.

She would be His Bride.

She would be born not of woman, like Eve, born of Adam, she would be born of the second Adam—born of her husband.

She would be born a bride. Born a mother. Born to raise the sons of God.

She would be born radiant. Born pure. She would be born the magnificent church of Jesus Christ.

At first her captivating identity would be concealed under the garment of flesh. The garment of an imperfect humanity. She would know the sting of sin and shame before she would know of her great worth. She would first reach out as Eve did, and eat the apple of knowledge, good and evil. She would walk out of the garden of perfection, where life began with her beloved.

The broad path of a broken earth would be the one her precious feet would travel, and along the way her heart would discover not all love is equal. Not all love is the same. Her heart would know broken, tattered and tethered. And she would hope for more. Hope for a Savior. 

And at just the right time, each facet of her heart would come together—the hearts of humanity would turn to discover LOVE without rival. On a Good Friday, she would discover her beloved. The one who breathed the universe into existence and came to her rescue. The darling of heaven who stepped down from His high throne, put on the flesh He created, to pay the price for her mistakes. The price for eating the apple, the price for walking away from The Father. The price she could not pay.

He would pave the way for her to take His heart and come home. He would win the war for her to find the narrow path her feet were created to walk.

She would discover her value—that she was fully known and fully loved all along. 

Jesus her beloved would wear a crown of thorns on this Good Friday, so that She, His Bride, The wife of the Lamb—you and I, could wear a crown of eternal life.

He would be crucified, dying a sinners death,  so that we could be made right.

He, the spotless Lamb of heaven would be sacrificed, so that we, His hearts undivided affection could come home to heaven.

So that the grave would loose its power over us. 

So today, friend, you will find me in a posture of thanksgiving and worship. Because Jesus Christ resurrected is my every day revelation and reality—but the cross is where He won my heart. Where He won the heart of His bride. The hearts of you and I. 

Thank you Jesus!! We drink the cup, and eat the bread today, and remember the price you paid for us. 

Take our hearts and weave them eternally with yours.  


His left hand cradles my head, while His right hand holds me close. I am at rest in this love. 

Song of Songs 2:6 TPT